Navy Dress Uniforms and Navy Working Uniform (NWU) remain property of the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps and must be returned within 30 days upon separation from the program or upon demand. Uniforms that no longer fit may be exchanged for a larger size. Do not wait until the last minute before requesting a larger size as some sizes may not be readily available and must be ordered.

  1. What the Division will provide
    1. One dress blue uniform
    2. One dress white uniform
    3. Two sets of Navy Working Uniform (NWU)
    4. Rate insignia
    5. Flashes
    6. NSCC tapes
    7. Personalized nametapes (your name)
    8. Name badges
    9. White cover (dixie cup)
    10. NWU 8 point cover
    11. Belts
    12. Neckerchief
    13. Seabag.
  2. Additional uniforms
    1. You may request that the Supply Officer procure, for your use while in the program and based on availability from the uniform depot, additional set(s) of NWU if required for basic or advanced trainings, raincoats, pea coats, NWU parka and/or utility jackets.
    2. You are responsible for costs incurred by the Division in the procurement of these items from the uniform depot which may include cleaning, reconditioning as needed, shipping and handling fees.
    3. Payment of these fees does not constitute purchase of the uniform item(s).
  3. Ribbons and awards
    1. The Division will provide the initial award of ribbons and appurtenances, and may provide one replacement for lost or damaged ribbons at no cost. Ribbons that become faded or worn through normal wear may be exchanged at no cost. You will be charged the current market value for second and/or subsequent replacement of lost or damaged ribbons.
  4. You are responsible for providing
    1.  Dress shoes
      1. You may ask the Supply Petty Officer to look at the Uniform Depot to order shoes, if available, at last check they were $3 plus shipping.
    2. Boot, Combat, Black
      1. Plain steel-toed, laced 8 or 9 inch high top made of water resistant leather with rubber outsoles.
      2. You may ask the Supply Petty Officer to look at the Uniform Depot to order shoes, if available, at last check they were $20 plus shipping
    3. Socks
    4. Undergarments
    5. Dog tags
    6. PT gear
    7. Additional sea bag items required for recruit and advanced trainings.
  5. Lost or damaged items
    1. If uniform components described in Item(s) 1 and/or 2 above are not returned upon leaving the program, or are returned in damaged condition, normal wear and tear excepted; you will be charged for the replacement of the missing or damaged item(s).

Uniform Resources

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