There are several elements of training that are required in the Sea Cadet and League Cadet Programs. The Sea Cadets are held to very high Navy standards and each Sea Cadet Division is audited for attendance compliance. It’s also essential that Cadets maintain their attendance in order to learn and work together as a unit. The Cadets who consistently attend monthly drills, challenge themselves to participate and learn new skills, and keep up with their coursework and training requirements, will not only advance faster but will reap the full benefits of the program.

Monthly Drill Attendance: In order to get the most out of your NSCC or NLCC experience, regular attendance at drill is madatory. Cadets must maintain a 75% attendance rate. If cadets fall below 75% attendance they may be administratively separated from the division.

Recruit Training “Boot camp”: Those joining the Sea Cadets are in Recruit status until they successfully complete their required coursework and attend Recruit Training (popularly known as “Boot camp”). This training is held twice a year, in the summer and in the winter. During the summer months recruit training can be found all around the country. There are however opportunities that are closer to Cincinnati such as, Great Lakes, IL. (where big Navy holds boot camp), Ft. Indiantown Gap, PA., and of course here in region 5-7 we have Red horse in northern Ohio. Talk to our training officer to see what options are available.

Advanced Training: As a sea cadet you are required to attend at least one advanced training each year after the year in which you complete Recruit Training. Examples of Advanced Training include Petty Officer Leadership Academy [POLA], Marksmanship, Submariner, Medical, Field Operations, Small Boat Operations, SCUBA, STEM, and numerous additional options representing Navy fields. All training occurs twice a year, in the winter [typically Dec 26-Jan 3] and during the summer. The Division’s Admin and Training Officers will advise you on the training application process. Most trainings are under $300 before travel costs.

Coursework: Specific Navy Correspondence Courses are a required part of training. It is your cadet’s responsibility to complete the courses on their own and bring the completed answer sheets to the Training Petty Officer for grading when you report for drill. The courses will be graded on the Navy Training Site and when satisfactorily completed, a certificate of completion will be issued and your cadet’s record will be updated. They may access the courses in the Cadet Resources section of this website, they may also find the League Cadet training syllabus there as well.