X-Ray Division Will be your first experience with Cincinnati Division, it is for cadets that have been newly recruited to the Cincinnati Division. You will wear a different uniform than other cadets, you will also be part of different activities while learning your way around the division and the basic concepts of how CinDiv organized and the expectations of you, our new cadet.

The uniform you are expected to wear until you have earned your regular uniforms is:

  1. White button down shirt or white polo shirt (long sleeves for winter short sleeves for summer)
  2. Black slacks
  3. White T-shirt
  4. Black Socks
  5. Black shoes

Please do not purchase black shoes as we are very particular in what you must wear. Please talk to us and we will see if we can find you boot and shoes for a reduced cost. To begin with, just wear solid black dress shoes.  You will sometimes hear us mention this uniform as Salt & Peppers, which is slang for this uniform. You must press the uniform every time you attend drill. 

Military Creases are not mandatory but make the uniform look sharp, our suggestion is that you get these onto your uniform while in X-Ray division.

The step you need to take to get your NWU uniforms:

  1. Complete the BMR (NSCC ONLY)

Once you have this step completed you will be issued a sea bag with your uniforms.